The Infamous Empire Today Jingle

“A Chicagoan does not put ketchup on her hot dog, does not leave a sporting event early, and knows whose phone number is 588-2300 [Empire Today].” - Aimee Trottier, candidate on The Apprentice

The Power of Song and the Empire Carpet Man

Music is one of the most powerful creative forces known to humanity. It has the power to change our moods and embed itself in our memories. This power was something that Lynn Hauldren, the Empire Carpet Man, knew well. He used it with great effect to sell thousands of families Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring.

The key to the effectiveness of Empire Carpet commercials was the unshakeable melody that also conveyed the company’s phone number. Many people who grew up with the commercials in the background can sing the number whether or not they’ve ever purchased Empire Flooring. The high degree of memorability made it natural for families to call Empire Today first anytime they needed new floor coverings. Had it not been for the Empire Carpet Man’s catchy tune, the Empire Carpet legacy would not have achieved such a phenomenal legacy. Get to know the Empire Carpet Man at

The Empire jingle and the Empire Carpet Man have endured for over 30 years. The jingle and carpet man’s prevalence in the years has allowed Empire Today® to become the iconic brand it is today. The Empire jingle “800 588 2300 Empire Today” is one of the most recognizable jingles in advertising and famous across the country.

  • The very first jingle was broadcast locally in Chicago in 1977, before toll free calls, and didn’t include “800” or the word “Today”.
  • There was an attempt to remake the jingle in order to update it, but fans were not ok with this, so a new version was created instead by building onto the original track.
  • The well-known jingle for Empire Today was written by Lynn Hauldren, who would later become known as the Empire Carpet® Man. Lynn was the company’s advertising copywriter and producer and lived and worked in the Chicagoland area. The Empire Today jingle has become a part of American pop culture, featured as a fun topic on Late Night with Conan O’Brien (NBC), Extreme Makeover (ABC), Curb Appeal (HGTV), Clean House (Style), Designed to Sell (HGTV), and covered in concert.
  • Lynn wrote the jingle and since he was a talented performer in barbershop quartets, he sang it too! You can hear his golden tones in the mix of voices.

“800-588-2300, Em-pire, today!”

The Empire Jingle is popular not only with Empire Carpet customers but with “Man’s Best Friend”.

“Hunter’s Fascination with the Empire Carpet Commercial”

“My Dog, Lola, Loves Empire Carpet Commercial”

“Funny Dog Video Empire Carpet Dog Howl”

“Yorkie Roscoe Singing”

Even Babies love the Empire Carpet Jingle
“Sydney Loves The Empire Carpet Jingle”

“Evan Loves The “Empire Today” Commercial”

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